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Tele Ophthalmology


Telemedicine can provide health care services directly to your home. It can also make specialist services available locally and allow the service to become more cost efficient. Patients can be examined and treated with less delay.

Telemedicine services are used in the communication between the primary health service and the specialist health service. This way of organising health services benefits patients, GPs and specialist doctors.

Patients will meet specialist doctors sooner and can avoid trips to the hospital. For many patients, the company of their own GP present makes meeting a specialist feel less intimidating.

GPs can consult specialists directly via videoconference or via e-mail attachments. This support will eventually expand the GPs' expertise and thus enable them to provide a better service for their patients.

Specialists available for telemedicine consultations will contribute to shortening waiting lists. They can examine patients via e-mail or meet patients via videoconference before deciding whether or not they should be admitted to hospital. Examinations fit into each specialist's working schedule and contribute to a more efficient use of their time.

With a basic healthnet infrastructure (both ISDN and broadband), most of NST's telemedicine services can easily be set up in any GP's office. Additional services using the same basic equipment can easily be added as required. NST provides information and support for those who want to get started with telemedicine. telemedicine.