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Hospital Facilities

1. Slide test - Smear examination under Microscope
Smear from corneal ulcers and conjunctiva sac is smeared in glass slide and stained with giemsa stain for bacteria and KOH for fungus.

2. Culture and sensivity
In the Microbiology Lab we do smear testing and culture testing for corneal ulcer scrapings, conjunctival swab smear, dacryocystitis, lid smear, Aqueos tapping and vitreous tapping. This is a very vital tool in diagnosis the nature of infection and in deciding the modality of treatment.
We also take periodical swabs from our operation theatres to access the sterility of the places.

As Diabetic Retinopathy is emerging as the major cause of blindness, blood sugar analysis is the major function of this lab. We have specialized and modern blood analysis equipment to carry out all the serological test.

Radiology Department – inhouse helps us in treating :

1. Traumatic Cases.

a. To R/O Intra Ocular foreign body.
b. To R/O fracture of the orbit in accident.
cc. To R/O fracture in medial wall of orbit.

2. Proptosis Cases.

3. Sinustis.