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Cornea Refractive Lens Services
Dr. Bejan Singh’s Zyoptix laser center at Nagercoil is one of the most advanced technology center for correction of refractive errors or sight defect in the country.
What is a refractory error or sight defect?
The most common sight defects are myopia or near sightedness, Hyperopia or long sightedness
What is Lasik ?
  Lasik is the safest and most accurate method to correct short (Myopia) Long Sight (Hyperopia) Astigmatism (Cylindrical powers) and other corneal scarring disorders.
How old is this treatment?
   There is a general misconception that lasik is a new modality of treatement.  This is not correct.  Lasik is in existence since 1988,  and has already gained wide acceptance world over,  More than 5 million people in USA have undergone Lasik.
How is Lasik better than Contact Lenses?
   Contact lenses require special care and careful maintenance. Moreover it is a recurring expenditure. A full 5 years use of contact lenses would cost you almost same as Lasik treatment.

Is Lasik a Surgery?

Lasik is a very simple procedure done with application of just anesthetic drops. It is just the reshaping of the cornea with the help of cold laser (Exicimer Laser), with sub micron accuracy. Lasik is not at all a complicated procedure.

Who can undergo Lasik?
  Any person above the age of eighteen years whose poweris stable for the last one year can undergo this procedure. There is no upper ago limit.

What are the powers Zyoptix100 can correct?
  Myopia -1 to 20 diopters. Hyperopia + 1 to + 8 diopters. Astigmatism upto 8 diopters.

How safe is the Lasik treatement?
  Lasik is a very safe procedure with accurate and preditable results.

What are the other advantages of Lasik?
   No injections. The entire treatement gets over in 10 minutes. Normal activities can be resumed the next day. No need to get admitted in the hospital. No prolonged medications after the treatment.

What is the Latest treatment for refractory errors?
   Zyoptix Laser based on wavefront technology uses systems more precise and less invasive than any other known technique developed so for.

Why Zyoptix?
  Ø It is the preferred choice for refractive surgery by surgeons worldwide
  Ø There is no need for injection, Sutures and Hospitalization.
  Ø Clarity of vision within hours of surgery.
  Ø Extremely predictable.
  Ø Both eyes can be treated on the same day.

Conventional Lasik
  Conventional Lasik corrects only Small spherical powers. For those people who have lower prescriptions, without, ‘Astigmatisam’ or irregular corneal curvature. Conventional Lasik may suffice. Zyopix can correct all powers perfectly and accurately than lasik.
  Zyoptix is considered as the most safeast refractive error correction, since the software attached with the machine is inbuilt with various counter checking mechanisms. Zyoptix is approved by FDA and is more accepted treatement worldwide.

Zyoptix 100 Laser
  Zyoptix Laser has a higher potential for perfect vision with reduced change for visual compromise. Patients with more complex prescriptions, Unusual Corneal shapes or who want the best visual outcome will benefit from Zyoptix.
  Every Patient’s eye differs in corneal thickness, shape and pupil size. Zyoptix. Technology analyses the entire visual system from the corneal surface through the crystalline lens of the eye, all the way back to the retina.
  The new Aberrometer selectively measures the refractive power of the eye at more than 50 sites. The measurement performed in this way is designed to produce customized individual result.

Benefits of Zyoptix 100
Ø Zyoptix Laser allowa moreindividual to achieve 6/6 vision.
  Ø Zyoptix Laser increasers the opportunity of achieving better than 6/6 Vision.
  Ø Reduces risk of re-surgery and glare at night.

Our Team
  In saddition to this extraordinary technology a team of highly skilled surgeons are required to operate it. At Bejan singh Eye Hospital we have some surgeons specialized in Zyoptiz laser surgery. We also have a dedicated team of support staff, who assist our surgical team and after our patients though out every stage of the procedure.

Treatment Range The Visian ICL is recommended to correct myopia ranging from -3.0 diopters to ≤ to -15.0 diopters with ≤ 2.5 diopters of astigmatism at the spectacle plane. The phakic IOL can also be used to reduce severe myopia that is greater than -15.0 diopters to -20.0 diopters with ≤ 2.5 diopters of myopic astigmatism at the spectacle plane.

 The Visian Toric ICL is recommended to treat myopia ranging from -4.0 diopters to -20.0 diopters with astigmatism of 1 diopter to 4 diopters.

Stable Refractive History
  A stable refractive history is also required of the ideal Visian ICL (and Visian TICL*) patient, who must exhibit stability within 0.5 diopter for a minimum of one year prior to implantation.

  Also the patient should have no history of glaucoma, cataracts, Fuch’s dystrophy or keratoconus.

Proper Anterior Chamber Depth
  The Visian ICL patient must also have an anterior chamber depth (ACD) of 3.00 mm or greater. The Visian TICL* patient must have an ACD greater than 2.80 mm.

Additional Features of the Visian ICL for Patient Selection
  Because no corneal tissue is removed during Visian ICL implantation, patients who have thin corneas and are therefore not considered good candidates for LASIK and other refractive procedures can be suitable candidates for the Visian ICL.
  For patients with severe myopia who are outside of the range for LASIK or PRK, the Visian ICL is the most promising option for high-quality vision, with rapid recovery, excellent tolerance, and outstanding results.
  Patients at high risk for postoperative inflammation may also be suitable Visian ICL candidates.
  Because the lenses are made of Collamer, a highly biocompatible material that is used exclusively by STAAR Surgical Company, the Visian ICL is ideal for many patients who suffer from severe dry eyes or are prone to ocular infection, and are therefore unable to use traditional contact lenses.

  There’s a big difference between “visual acuity” (20/20 vision is considered normal visual acuity) and “visual quality.” Many refractive procedures such as LASIK offer the promise of improved visual acuity but the quality of your vision may vary significantly based on the procedure you choose. The Visian ICL provides vision correction that goes beyond LASIK. It helps you enjoy sharper, clearer, and more vivid vision, with greater depth and dimension. It’s called High Definition Visian, and it’s available only with the Visian ICL.

  STAAR Surgical Company's Visian ICL has a proven track record of providing improved quality of vision. When compared to other refractive surgical procedures, the Visian ICL creates sharper vision. The immediate improvement of vision quality and the remarkably short and painless recovery produces a unique "WOW!" factor in patients.
  The "High Definition Vision” delivered by the Visian ICL makes this proven, technologically advanced vision correction procedure the choice for patients who need and expect high quality results. In fact, the U.S. military has embraced the Visian ICL because of the reliable visual clarity it achieves. The Visian ICL is clearly the choice for patients with an active lifestyle and those who cannot accept anything less than the highest quality vision.